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Founded by Bob Hertz and Mary Clark, PSY-TEK Labs recognizes there is more to the world than atoms, molecules and the widely accepted four forces of nature. There’s longevity in generations, reaching peak performance in a sport, healing chronic pains and so much more that enhances everyday lives.

What’s “more” are forms of energies called subtle energies. These energies are the basis of “Energy Medicine,” the signatures of which can be measured with forward-looking devices. PSY-TEK Labs is one of just a few facilities in the world that utilizes such promising devices to non-invasively measure subtle energies for the betterment of personal well-being and professional treatment.


PSY-TEK Labs’ technology serves everyone committed to health and wellness. Whether a mother, caretaker, athlete, professional, researcher or practitioner in the local, medical or alternative healing communities, our technology provides quantifiable feedback to enhance personal health and help foretell disease, combined with assessing the impact of practitioners’ evaluations on their clients’ health.

Such vital information can be applied to chart a new treatment protocol, and improve the efficacy of a trusted product, treatment or device. Our focus is on leading research, recognition and publications for new ideas and devices, particularly if they are novel and debatable.

DISEASE PREVENTION through Alternative Testing

Is your family history fraught with disease, or do you sense that you may be at risk for a chronic ailment? PSY-TEK Labs believes that thermal imaging supports disease prevention. How? Thermal imaging body scans reveal temperature ranges that offer a road map to effectively manage health, wellness and longevity, while providing safe and affordable screening for:

  • Breast Health
  • Sinuses & Allergies
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Thyroid Health
  • Muscular Skeletal Disorders
  • Visceral Health
  • Dental Health
  • Full Body Imaging

Key advantages to thermal imaging further include:

  • Advanced Protection—Up to eight years ahead of the majority of tests, resulting in much earlier results for optimal detection and protection
  • Safety—Avoids X-ray risk without harmful body penetration radiation
  • Privacy—Non-invasive, no-touch, no contact, and no painful compression

In addition to PSY-TEK Labs’ expertise in designing research projects for our valued clients, our laboratory features several devices that non-invasively monitor several aspects of the health condition of research subjects, as well as liquid and solid materials.

Your PSY-TEK Team

We will ensure that an expert associate will assist in your field of interest.

Stefan Kasian

Director of Brain Renewal / Naturopathic Physician
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Cheryl Corhn

Operations Director, Researcher
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Lisa Kalison-Tota

Thermography Center Director / Certified Clinical Thermographer
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Amelia Leigh

Research Assistant
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Anna Gallich

Chief Financial Officer
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