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Subtle-Energy Technician

Carisa Hertz was born and raised in a small town near Mt. Shasta in the Sacramento Valley of California. After college, she attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, where she became fascinated with nutrition, and began realizing the connection that food has with the body and mind. Later, she interned under a food scientist, helping to develop recipes for Ocean Spray, Post Cereals and Lays. After her internship, she started her own business, where she worked with a nutritionist/physical therapist and prepared weekly meals for members of a local gym until 2009, when she moved to San Diego. Here, she was introduced to yoga and meditation, and realized there were even more facets to the health of body and mind. She has since been learning Pranic Healing techniques, and is thrilled to be part of Psy-Tek Labs, where technology, science, spiritual growth and health all come together.


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