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Full Body Wellness Screening

Mini Kiosk, MenlaScan Fit, & MenlaScan Pro

Fitness & Wellness

We utilize both MenlaScan Kiosks & MultiScan Pro full-body scanning systems

In just one to six minutes, get a complete overview of your body’s physiological data with a cross analysis to assist you in setting personal wellness goals. Four non-invasive, scientifically validated technologies apply advanced algorithms with cross analysis to reveal preventative measures to improve your well-being.

128 Metrics to Optimize Your Personal Wellness Goals

Advanced Tech

  • High-Speed Scans
  • Non-Invasive
  • Affordable
  • Immediate Results
  • Emailed Reports
  • Up to 128 Metrics

Basic Features

  • Overall Wellness Score
  • Arterial Biological Age
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • Nervous System Function
  • Body Composition
  • Cardio Score
  • Microcirculation Score
  • Stress/Fatigue Score
  • Diet and Micronutrition
  • Recommend Spa & Sports
  • Biological Age
  • Additional Features Available

In Just 2 Minutes

Cardiovascular Score
Vertebral Score
Stress and Fatigue Score
Microcirulation Score
Body Composition Score
Overall Wellness Score
Customized Nutrition Options
Lifestyle Options
Health Risk Factors

Ever feel out of balance, and want to regain necessary stability to function at home, work on on the golf course? The Electro Sensor Complex can help. It is a grouping of medical devices that provides a quick overview of homeostasis (the internal medium and main regulatory mechanism of your body).

Running a temperature or maybe your metabolism feels off? Changes in cell function always occur in the context of your entire body, and different tissues and organs logically affect one another. As a result, the purpose of the MenlaScan Pro data is to deliver a specific, supplementary examination on a person’s homeostasis potential and responses, which is a vital supplement in therapeutic plan management.

The COMPLETE Picture

Physicians and fellow health practitioners welcome these technologies, as part of the MenlaScan Pro system that provide new data on: the estimation of tissue oxygen, tissue pH, edema, Autonomic Nervous System activity, body composition, fluid distribution and hemodynamics.

Whereas, health conscious people, patients and practitioners further value the non-invasive, fast measurement (two minutes), its low cost, the immediate results, and software usability that makes the MenlaScan Pro system an indispensable tool.

What's Your Value?
Autonomic Nervous System.

Training for a starting position on the team, or simply want to physically compete at your absolute peak? The MenlaScan Pro provides electro-interstitial scan technology and bio-impedance analysis features that estimate a body’s composition of fat free mass, fat mass, extracellular water and much more. Collectively, these accurately measure current, voltage and phase angle, and calculate impedance, resistance and reactance to prepare every exercise-minded individual for optimum performance.

Spectrophotometry biosensor features also measure hemoglobin oxygen saturation (SpO2%), perform digital pulse analysis (DPA), and detect heart rate variability (HRV). A final report accompanies your body composition, and encourages follow-up with a comprehensive explanation of results including:

  • All of your values
  • How they were calculated
  • Nutritional recommendations based on your constitution
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