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Everyone has days when he/she just doesn’t feel energized, due to restless sleep, outside stress or even physical trauma. Now, people can actually “see” how they feel, and begin to understand how wellness is manifested in their daily lives.

Gas Discharge Visualization/Electrophotonic Imaging (GDV/EPI) provides early analysis of many states and illnesses. GDV is a non-intrusive technique that captures the physiological and psychoemotional status of a person and the functional status of different organs and organ systems through the electrophotonic emissions of fingertips placed on the surface of an impulse analyzer.

VISUAL Energy Field

GDV, a highly unique and energetic assessment that PSY-TEK offers, displays and measures Bio-Energy fields, including life energy patterns, chakra alignment, organ function and elements of consciousness. It further utilizes well-known Kirlian Photography, a technique for recording photographic images of plasma discharge; hence, the auras of living plants and creatures.

Aura Report created from the emissions of the fingertips and mapped from the Korean Su Jok Hand Acupuncture System.

The Chakral Alignment Graph shows imbalance in the chakras. The positioning of the chakral orbs as well as the size is an indication of health.



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