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PSY-TEK Labs is a pioneer in advanced health technology led by subtle energy testing, measurement and research. Health conscious women and men will appreciate new developments and techniques in body scans, as they reveal powerful cellular level statistics, life energy patterns and supplemental wellness information. Discover select techniques that evaluate subtle energy systems and how varied components affect key physical connections.

EARLY DETECTION and Prevention

Whether for you, a loved one, a patient or practitioner, the significance of disease prevention, early disease warning detection, or disease and pain management is immeasurable at any life stage.

Among today’s most natural approaches to monitoring personal wellness and enhancing longevity is thermography or medical thermal imaging. Employing high-definition, infrared camera lenses to read surface skin temperatures, thermography reveals underlying physical health conditions when compared to current statistical health patterns. Aligned with other advanced technology tests, thermography data can serve as a blueprint to guide essential medical and natural therapies.

BODY SCAN Testing without Radiation

PSY-TEK Labs presents two new body scan tests without the risks of radiation. The first is GDV/EPI or Electro Photonic Imaging. This non-invasive process involves the photographing of fingertip emissions on a special crystal film plate. It displays and measures Bio-Energy fields, including life energy patterns, chakras and elements of consciousness, and utilizes well-known Kirlian Photography, a technique for recording photographic images of plasma discharges; hence, the auras of living plants and creatures.

The second body scan is an EIS or Electro Interstitial Scan, which is an FDA approved, non-invasive, bio-feedback device that can expose and measure disease patterns and cell activity related to systemic body functionality. Multiscan includes HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and oxygen sensing, meaning that it can function as a non-invasive heart monitor, a non-invasive body monitor, and even as a full-body awareness monitor.

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Our highly skilled staff offers decades of experience in Subtle Energy Research, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, Energy Medicine, and additional disciplines required to deliver superior analyses to our valued clients.

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