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PSY-TEK Labs is a pioneer in advanced health technology led by subtle energy testing, measurement and research. Health conscious women and men will appreciate new developments and techniques in body scans, as they reveal powerful cellular level statistics, life energy patterns and supplemental wellness information. Discover select techniques that evaluate subtle energy systems and how varied components affect key physical connections.


Medical Thermal Imaging

Whether for you, a loved one, a patient or practitioner, the significance of disease prevention, or disease and pain management is immeasurable at any life stage.

Among today’s most natural approaches to monitoring personal wellness and enhancing longevity is thermography or medical thermal imaging.  Employing high-definition, infrared camera lenses to read surface skin temperatures, thermography can reveal underlying physical health conditions when compared to current statistical health patterns. Aligned with other advanced technology tests, thermography data can serve as a blueprint to guide essential medical and natural therapies.

BODY SCAN Testing without Radiation

PSY-TEK Labs presents two new body scan tests without the risks of radiation. The first is GDV/EPI or Electro Photonic Imaging. This non-invasive process involves the photographing of fingertip emissions on a special crystal film plate. It displays and measures Bio-Energy fields, including life energy patterns, chakras and elements of consciousness, and utilizes well-known Kirlian Photography, a technique for recording photographic images of plasma discharges; hence, the auras of living plants and creatures.

The second body scan is an EIS or Electro Interstitial Scan, which is an FDA approved, non-invasive, bio-feedback device that can expose and measure disease patterns and cell activity related to systemic body functionality. Multiscan includes HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and oxygen sensing, meaning that it can function as a non-invasive heart monitor, a non-invasive body monitor, and even as a full-body awareness monitor.

At PSY-TEK, we proudly offer non-invasive options at competitive pricing for health and energy assessments. Contact us today to discuss your personal or professional needs with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Brain Mapping

P300 Scan

  • Baseline EEG including P300 wave

Regular – Report with general explanation sheet, no interpretation

Basic – Report with basic interpretation

Extended – Report with senior neurologist evaluation

For specific brain mapping needs (i.e., research, practitioner’s pricing, peak performance), please request a quote.

  • Five or more images of the Breast
  • Includes: Head, Breast, Chest and Abdomen, Mid/Lower Back, Thoracic and Lumbar Regions
  • Includes: Head, Breast, Chest and Abdomen, Mid/Lower Back, Thoracic and Lumbar Regions, PLUS Legs, Feet, Hands and Arms
  • Five or more images of any specific area of concern: Head, Feet, etc.

Subtle Energy Testing

  • Comprehensive assessment of weaknesses/excesses in the bio-energy field related to physical and emotional health.  Includes evaluation of chakra activation and blance.
  • Measures cardiovascular system function, blood oxygenation, body composition, Heart Rate Variability, and more thru analysis of interstitial fluids.

Regular – With brief interpretation

Extended – With more detailed interpretation

  • The AMI measures the electrical conductivity, capacitance, and polarization of skin tissue and fluids. Such measurements evaluate the tissue condition and the functioning of the acupuncture meridians with their corresponding internal organs

Laboratory Testing

Neurotransmitter Test

  • Specialized testing to unlock the unique pattern of the brain and precisely treat. Empower yourself with knowledge.


  • SpectraCell’s Micronutrient tests measure the function of 35 nutritional components, including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within white blood cells. Scientific evidence reveals that analyzing white blood cells allows the most accurate analysis of a body’s deficiencies.


  • Telomeres are sections of genetic material at the end of each chromosome, whose primary function is to prevent chromosomal “fraying” when a cell replicates. As a cell ages, its telomeres become shorter. Eventually, the telomeres become too short to allow cell replication, and the cell stops dividing and will ultimately die – a normal biological process. SpectraCell’s Telomere Test can determine the length of a patient’s telomeres in relation to the patient’s age.

Please note that PSY-TEK Labs is an authorized distributor of its state-of-the-art testing devices, and also offers comprehensive training of such devices for those interested.

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Our highly skilled staff offers decades of experience in Subtle Energy Research, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, Energy Medicine, and additional disciplines required to deliver superior analyses to our valued clients.

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