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Earn Your Energy Practitioner Certificate

The NCCFEP (National Certification Center for Energy Practitioners) has implemented a scientifically based method of analyzing Energy Practitioners’ abilities.  This includes devices such as PH meters, Voltage Meters, and other measurements of various activities performed by the human body.  These devices definitively record changes in their own bodies, their clients’ or patients’ bodies, and other matter.  A measurement example would be for a practitioner to change the PH of water without touching it in less than two minutes.  This is one of the 11 tests a practitioner must pass to become certified.   The testing is non-invasive, and all instruments used are commercially available and safe. 

These types of measurements show a practitioner’s ability to manipulate and/or produce energy fields; voltage being one example.  The certification process measures and records each practitioner’s results of these tests.  A certification is granted to practitioners who prove their abilities with these measurements that are recorded on their certificates documenting results.

Psy-Tek Labs and NCCFEP are working with insurance authorities in all 50 states to allow insurance companies to provide plans to cover energy practitioners’ fees for their patients; thereby covering the many practices that energy practitioners perform.

Each state must separately permit insurance companies with these plans, in order for them to become available.

We have been certifying energy practitioners for several years,  and have accelerated the efforts to certify as many as possible with over a thousand certified practitioners requesting certification to help expedite the effort to provide insurance coverage.  We are hopeful that coverage will be made available in the next year or two. 

Here is an example of the Energy Healer’s Testing Certification Score Sheet.

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