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Medical Thermal Imaging


You’ve no doubt heard of Medical Thermal Imaging (MTI), but do you really know the reasons behind its proven effectiveness? Not only is it safe and extremely effective, but its patient-friendly methods are increasingly sought by health and wellness supporters of all ages.

Medical Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive system void of radiation and an FDA-registered American innovation that is proving its value daily. PSY-TEK’s MTI system relies on research grade, high-resolution, infrared cameras that read body surface temperature patterns, which reveal underlying health conditions such as inflammation, angiogenesis and congested areas, just to name a few.


Picture this – an efficient and non-invasive analysis that monitors disease and injuries in a safe and affordable way. That’s thermal Imaging. Virtually impossible to detect with X-ray technology, thermal imaging uncovers inflammation and changes in microcirculation originating from hormone changes, immune health, lymphatic congestion, toxicity, pain and angiogenesis. Complementing conventional breast scans, thermal imaging can further detect:

  • Hypo/hyper Thyroidism
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autoimmune
  • Stroke Risk
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Dental Health
  • Kidney Health
  • Intestinal Disorders
  • Pre-diabetic States or Diabetes

… and much, much more.

You Should Know

Whether or not risk averse, many self-healers, patients and their practitioners appreciate that thermal Imaging does not involve radiation and is no-touch, while perfectly safe for breast implants. This advanced imaging is developed through an FDA-registered device that has been proven safe for detecting early warning signs of cancer. Of equal significance, thermal imaging is approved as an adjunctive test, and is not intended to replace mammograms.


Ever been told you run hot and cold? We are all infrared beings and continually “run hot.” Thermography views what cannot be seen by the naked eye, by sensing heat. Where there is heat in the body, there is activity. Where there is activity, there is information to assess.

By measuring changes as minute as 1/100th of a degree of a body’s radiant heat, PSY-TEK can view “bio-markers” or risk indicators. Published medical research confirms that these same risk indicators bare telltale signs of tumors, toxins and disease months and even years earlier than traditional imaging procedures.

Advantages to thermography are its high specificity and that it does not require radiation. As a result of these extraordinary benefits, PSY-TEK Labs considers thermal imaging a vital solution for non-invasive health screenings, as well as research and clinical applications.

PSY-TEK’s Lab’s thermal imaging equipment is also unsurpassed. As a research facility, we employ radiometric camera technology that far exceeds the accuracy of imager technology. Radiometric means that we see approximately 80,000 pixels of information in one square inch. Each pixel provides a heat value, which increases accuracy detection and improves comparative analysis for our health-conscious clients.

How did we get here? Thermal Imaging is an American Invention initially used in World War II, as a means of tracking troops and movement in the dark and at great distances. Today, thermography is used extensively in construction, industry and medicine. Upon its declassification in the 1960s, the National Cancer Institute accepted the use of thermography for breast imaging, which now serves as a complement to mammography.

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