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PSY-TEK’s Research Facility provides inventors and innovators, who create health screening devices and treatment methods (that are not based on the typical allopathic-model of healthcare) with the expertise to validate the effectiveness of their new health screening devices, products or services through expertly-designed and individually-customized research studies.

SKILL & Professionalism

Our skilled staff provides decades of experience in: Subtle Energy Research, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, Energy Medicine, and other professional skills required to deliver a superior analysis to our clients. All of our personnel are experts in their respective fields, including many modalities of complementary and healing techniques.


PSY-TEK Labs is competitive with major universities and research facilities. We strive to provide highly cost effective research and testing fees. Our research is customized to meet such goals as:

  • Effectiveness
  • Marketing
  • Publication
  • Promotional

We pride ourselves on producing professionally completed projects with explanations that are fully understood and effectively utilized.

In addition to our expertise in designing research projects for individuals, our laboratory includes several devices that can be used to non-invasively monitor many aspects of the health conditions of research subjects, as well as liquid and solid materials.


Our lab is one-of-a-kind, and offers a broad spectrum of subtle energy testing methodologies.

Our research equipment provides the most sensitive and reliable testing available.

Our leading edge technology and highly sensitive equipment can also pinpoint the precise effects of your product, device or treatment.


Get to The HEART of Your Health Matters

Psy-Tek Labs conducts research for hire, and performs “its own” research to further the acceptance of Energy Healing funded by your donations through H.E.A.R.T. @

Get in Touch with Us

Our highly skilled staff offers decades of experience in Subtle Energy Research, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, Energy Medicine, and additional disciplines required to deliver superior analyses to our valued clients.

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