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Our research approach to prospective research clients includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:


First contact:

  • Obtain as clear as possible a picture of what the project is to be
  • Share and sign mutual NDA if appropriate
  • Obtain printed documents, reports, etc describing the client’s device, process, etc.

Decide if we can do the project:

  • Are we the right group to perform this research?
  • Is this something we want to do?

Discovery phase:

  • Run through a “discovery stage” with the client
  • Make a list of their expectations
  • Understand the client’s perception of the work
  • Sign mutual NDA if not already done

Define scope of work:

  • Perform research to propose a solution (preliminary agreement must be signed and payment received in full)
  • Gather details/resources
  • Determine costs, schedule, and tasks for different possible solutions

Propose solutions to client:

  • Propose in writing several solutions (cheap, medium, high price) with recommendation for best solution (Informal Proposal)
  • Discuss solutions until one is chosen
  • Modify a few times the solution it until both parties are in agreement
  • Agree on status reporting and on final delivery
  • Present formal proposal with budget and contract (including asking and receiving 50% of total cost before implementation)

Sign contract and perform:

  • Signed contract is received (no modification allowed by sponsor once the contract is signed or new contract is needed and steps 3 and 4 must be repeated)
  • Implement project
  • Provide interim reports as agreed (minimum time interval between reports: 2 weeks)
  • Informed sponsor of any change in procedure from the accepted proposal including delays and new costs as soon as possible and get authorization to proceed in writing or project stops until approval is obtained.
  • Make the first draft of a final report
  • Discuss the draft and make modifications
  • Deliver final report and ask for final payment.

PSY-TEK’s final reports will include at minimum:

  • The goals of the project
  • The methodology
  • A detailed description of the equipment used
  • A detailed presentation of the results, including images and photos, as appropriate, to document the steps throughout the research
  • An opinion on the possible correlation between the test results and product claims, if needed

This process is simplified, depending upon the complexity of the project. For example, if PSY-TEK completes a feasibility or pilot project with few subjects, we will use a simple memo of understanding (MOU), which will serve as the contract, and include definition of the project’s scope, its proposed solution and pricing (steps 4 and 5 above will be included in the MOU).

PSY-TEK Labs proudly offers several devices that non-invasively monitor several aspects of the health condition of research subjects.

Get to The HEART of Your Health Matters

Psy-Tek Labs conducts research for hire, and performs “its own” research to further the acceptance of Energy Healing funded by your donations through H.E.A.R.T. @

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