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6/19/2021 - Mona D. Energy Healers Certification

Medical Intuitive Healer!

This is amazing!  Your technology is and anything I have ever seen to measure the energy that we run.   Thank you so much for all your special quality time that we had with you yesterday.  I feel very honored to be able to be there with you and I’m grateful to all of you and Gail J. for learning about your lab.  See you soon!

4/13/2021 - Mark M. IRB Approved Covid-19 Efficacy of Home Use Research Study

Simple, easy and accurate!

The COVID Testing process was amazingly simple to do, quick, and extremely accurate.  Just a tiny effort, a small amount of time and now I can rest easy knowing that I do not have COVID.  I recommend it for anyone wanting or needing to know their COVID status.

2/19/2021 - Nicole C. Breast Thermography

This was my first thermograph at Psy-Tek.  I highly recommend them for following the Covid-19 safety protocols throughout my visit there.  I was greeted, tested for Covid, and processed by a masked DN before entering the building.  The entire procedure was quick and comfortable.  Their high tech thermography camera allowed for remote focusing on the body and the tech was able to communicate instructions via speakers from another room.  Thank You Psy-Tek for providing this technology in a safe space.

2/19/2021 - Anna M. - Breast Thermography

The staff here is incredibly friendly and professional.  They take the time to explain what is to take place in details prior.  They made all necessary Covid Procedures very simple to follow.  I was actually able to get a Covid test which I’ve never had prior to entering the building as they do it in the parking lot.  They have dividers in the room to separate you from the technician.  Even more updated is that the technician is now in a different room doing the thermography as she gives you instructions.

2/4/2021 - Kim A & Patrick T - Psy-Tek Time Machine

We really enjoyed our sessions and appreciate the great services you all offer.  It’s wonderful working with all of you.  Everyone at Psy-Tek Labs is so nice, helpful and knowledgeable too!  We plan to continue coming back to track and improve our health and well being. ??

1/12/2021 - Amanda D - Women's Health / Breast Thermography

This is my second time doing the women’s health breast Thermography.  I  was happy to have a rapid Covid-19 test done on my way in.  I was able to chat with the staff there and get so much great information on other technology advanced services and testing they provide here.  I felt very comfortable doing my exam and they’ve updated the machine to operate ‘robotically’ from the other room so the tech wasn’t even in the room and we could still talk to each other.  I definitely recommend to others!

12/24/2020 - Lance M - MenlaScan Pro Kiosk

The staff is friendly, attentive and competent.  I was handled expeditiously, in and out in less than 30 minutes.  Their Testing protocols are cutting edge state of the art and offer an insight into health and wellness solutions not previously available.

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