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Physical Therapist

Brandi Smith specializes in treating young athletes, which stems from a growing, active kid. She’s worked with various sports, but has honed a specialty in working with gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, figure skater, parkour, acrobatic, circus art, and yoga athletes. She has treated most everything over the last 14 years from growth plate injuries to cartilage (osteochondral detects), instability to impingements, dislocations to post fracture recovery, sprains to strains, pain in the wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip back and neck, while empowering and inspiring athletes to be the best versions they can be.

Brandi is an Athlete Advocate, Coach, Parent, Medical Provider, and Athlete Liaison, in conjunction with serving as a Biomechanics Specialist; Micro-drill Instructor, Functional and Sport Movement Specialist.

She is changing the culture of gymnastics and youth sports by giving coaches direction, athletes a voice, medical providers insight, and parents a choice; thereby, creating a world of people full of dedication, desire, determination, perseverance, strength, inner will, physical abilities, health, wellness, awareness of their body and emotions, inner confidence and the courage to speak up for themselves.

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