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Chief Financial Officer

Anna is CFO/Controller with over 30 years of accounting expertise within non-profit, corporate and government settings. She specializes in audits, financial planning, business analysis, developing and implementing financial controls and ensuring financial strength and sustainability, in addition to productivity improvements and change management. Anna earned her bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Economic-Statistical College, and majored in Accounting at the Socio-Economic Institute of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations in Russia. Through Anna’s personal growth and development, her interest grew in the human sciences, and evolved her business perspective to include body, mind and spirit. She received her bachelor’s degree in Integral Studies and her M.A. in Integral Psychology. Currently, Anna is pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute for Human Science and her Doctor of Business Administration from the University of San Diego for Integral Studies. Anna is practicing Pranic Healing, and attaining her certificate as a Pranic Healer.

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