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More information on the X39 Patch:

The patch is called ‘X39’ and is commercially available.

In general, LifeWave patches are small, circular adhesive patches about one inch in diameter.
They are patented and self-declared under the FDA General Wellness Policy for Low Risk
Devices. LifeWave claims that its patches are based on the principle of phototherapy and that they
only reflect back to the body specific wavelengths in the infrared spectrum emitted by the body. In
the 15 years of the company producing its variety of patches, there have been no reported cases
of drug interaction or unwanted side effects.

You can find detailed information on the study sponsor website:

You can also get more information on the story of the development of the patch here:
In addition to the other great information included in this story, we would like to direct your attention to the section: “The Science Behind LifeWave” which begins on page 18.  This should be helpful in providing information on the process of how the patches work.

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